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Bat Hunt II – update

Lime Tree House, edge of New Forest

Lime Tree House bat hunt continues.


18th May

Final dawn stakeout this morning over at the derelict property which will become Lime Tree House and after a concerted and concentrated effort, no bats were discovered.  Well we tried… Now all the relevant paperwork will be completed and we can enter the next phase of this exciting project.

In the meantime our bat boxes have arrived in the office and will be erected in the vicinity just in case.

Bat box
Bat box


17th May

Despite keen eyes and some handheld tech, the bats were a no-show once more at the Lime Tree House project on Monday night, leading the team to believe that perhaps there are no Chiroptera roosting at the site.   One more dawn expedition will be held this week to have a final and thorough check of the property and the gardens and then decisions can be made.  Whatever the outcome, the bat boxes we have ordered will be put to good use in the environs, there are plenty of other likely haunts in the area and we are keen to respect the wonderful nature of the New Forest.

Working with Bat Experts
Working with Bat Experts

14th May

An evening bat hunt is on the cards tonight at the Lime Tree House project.  The qualified bat experts are coming past again with their hand held detectors and their trained, sharp eyesight to see if they can spot any of the 16 species native to Dorset and Hampshire out foraging and flying in and around the property and the garden as part of their completion of a full bat survey on the site.  Tom Whiteley Homes will continue working hand in hand with the licensed bat workers to assess the extent of bat presence in the site area and monitor any activity.

After a bat no-show on our last stake out, this evening we hope find if any members of Chiroptera have chosen our little plot in the New Forest to forage, fly and feed.  With an environment as natural and beautiful as the New Forest, we could spot anything from the common pipistrelle to the very Bechstein’s bat, or they could be a no-show once more.  Only time will tell.

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