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Cob Style Cottage

Block & beam laid at Cobb Cottage

New Forest Cob Style Cottage build is going really well

Over in the New Forest, our 4 bed family thatched home build is going really, really well.  The Team are toiling away outside, roasting in the Mediterranean conditions that we are all basking in at the moment but this is not getting in the way of any hard work, the build itself is shaping up beautifully.

The foundations have been dug, poured and completed and the substructure block work was all laid by the end of last week.  This week has been all about laying the beam and block structure which we are pleased to say is also now complete.  The next phase is to get the internal drainage systems set out and placed and then we can start thinking vertically.

Block & beam laid at Cob Cottage
Block & beam laid at Cob Cottage
Laid block & beam


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