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Early start at Lime Tree House

Lime Tree House goes batty

Dawn start at the Lime Tree House project as team TW and the qualified bat ecologists set up camp to check for the 2 Fs and the 2 Ws – foraging, flightlines, woodland and water and complete a full bat survey on the site.  Tom Whiteley Homes are working hand in hand with the licensed bat workers to assess the extent of bat presence in the site area and monitor any activity.  With good eyesight and hand held bat detectors, we hope to to establish species type and number of passes so that we can ensure all necessary measures are taken to allow continued access to the property post development.

So tomorrow we hope find out which one of the 16 species native to Dorset has chosen our little plot in the New Forest to forage, fly and feed.  Once established Tom Whiteley Homes can then prepare design proposals, outlined in a Conservation Report, of any new locations of access, should they be needed.

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